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Network Security

The most valuable part of any network is the information stored on it or running through it. Unfortunately, this information is also the most vulnerable part of your network.

The networking environment within a business changes on a regular basis. Servers are brought online, numerous ports are opened and P.C.’s are connected to the internet. All of these items change the delicate balance your business has between security and connectivity. As more and more resources are moved to the internet, your risk increases exponentially. “White Hats” as they are known are downloading the latest hacker tools and past employees might be looking to disrupt operations. It is very important to know where your business stands in terms of exposure and take a proactive approach to locking down systems. We will help you identify the vulnerabilities that can affect your business information and design the most effective solutions to protect this vital resource.

IT ACCESS realizes that the first step in protecting networks and detecting suspicious activity is the implementation of proper security technologies. We realize that security devices alone do not always see everything on the network, which might leave your company vulnerable. Most organizations do not have the time or the specialized security expertise to analyze and monitor the massive amounts of data these non-security devices can provide.

In addition to checking for known exploits, our consultants offer several different Security and Vulnerability Service solutions that are specifically tailored to your business situation and budget.

Our clients and their IT departments have demanded that the highest level of security be built into their data networks. IT ACCESS has done this by providing a complete security solution to help our clients in this endeavor. We do not just offer point security products, but a well designed security architecture that can address all aspects of security issues. Security is not something that you set and forget. It is something that must be monitored closely and proactively managed. A sample solution would include the following:

  • Security policy design

  • Firewall solutions to protect the network perimeter

  • VPN devices to allow remote users and business partners to securely access corporate data

  • IDS platforms to detect network anomalies and possible network attack such as denial of service and worms

  • HIDs solutions to insure end-user workstations are not compromised by Spy Ware, and viruses

  • SPAM and Content filters to protect user’s inbox from the flood of SPAM and monitor internet usage

  • Port based security to secure both wired and wireless network access

  • Management tools that give you the ability to graphically see and monitor your networks security status

  • Security audits to insure that all of the security components are functioning properly and that security procedures are being followed

Let IT ACCESS show you how we have been able to provide organizations such as yours with numerous solutions for their security needs.


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