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Kaseya Managed Services

IT Security

Cyberattacks have gone up by more than 400 percent this year. What can your IT team do to improve the security posture of your business?

Enhance IT security and reduce your risk with Kaseya VSA by:

  • Automating software patch management and vulnerability management

  • Deploying and managing Antivirus and Anti-malware solutions

  • Managing Backup and Disaster Recovery​

Increase IT Efficiency & Get More Done

Demand for IT services has gone up dramatically. How can your IT team keep up without increasing costs?

It’s all about increasing IT operational efficiency. Here are a few strategies you can use:

  • Automate IT processes

  • Remotely monitor and manage endpoints, including work-from-home (WFH) users’ computers

  • Leverage seamless workflow integrations between your Endpoint Management, Service Desk and Knowledge Management solutions – Kaseya VSA, Vorex and IT Glue

Increase IT technician efficiency by 25 percent or more! Have more time and budget for strategic IT projects that drive business growth.

Maintain IT System Availability

Keeping IT systems up and running is the top priority for IT teams. Make their job easier with Kaseya VSA, Vorex and IT Glue.

Increase system availability by:

  • Monitoring and managing all your servers, desktops and laptops, as well as your (SNMP) network devices.

  • Auto-remediating IT incidents and quickly closing service tickets with VSA and Vorex.

  • Quickly finding the incident root cause with VSA’s Network Topology Map.



Kaseya VSA is a leading endpoint management solution. VSA is the foundation of our IT Complete suite

of IT management products.

Monitor and manage endpoints,

patch and deploy software, and automate IT processes with VSA.

Get more done faster with VSA agent procedures.


Kaseya Vorex is a powerful helpdesk solution for midsize businesses. Create, manage and resolve all your IT service tickets with Vorex. 

Auto-remediate service tickets using VSA agent procedures right in Vorex. 

Quickly troubleshoot and resolve IT incidents with direct access to VSA remote management features.

IT Glue

Manage and grow your business with the world’s leading IT documentation, knowledge and configuration management software. IT Glue is integrated with both VSA and Vorex to provide IT asset configurations, and related IT procedures right in the VSA and Vorex UI.

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